'You get passed around': Victims of 'horrifying' Aylesbury child abuse ring speak out

Two victims of a Buckinghamshire child abuse ring have spoken about their years of torment after being "passed around" by the group.

Six men were today convicted over the abuse of the pair, who cannot be named and were described during the trial as Child A and Child B.

In an interview released after the verdict, Child A said she had first been approached from the age of 11, when some of the men commented that she was not wearing a bra.

"Then they started wanting my phone number, and they would want to take me to the cinema or park," she said.

"Then we would have a drink together, and they would have sex with me."

Prosecutors in the trial at the Old Bailey said, when she was aged just 12 or 13, child A had been passed between 60 mostly Asian men, having been conditioned into thinking it was normal.

ITV News' Peter Smith reports:

In anonymised footage released by Thames Valley Police, the victim described the experience of being "passed around".

Before the convictions, she had told police that she had spoken of the abusers as boyfriends, adding that she was happy knowing that "Asian men" wanted to sleep with her.

The second victim, child B, spoke of the huge relief following the conviction of six of the 11 accused men on trial.

"I would leave in the morning in my school uniform and I would come home at three in the morning in my school uniform. These men knew that we were 14," she said.

"No girl should ever feel that they have to use their body or what they’ve got as their selling point. They knew they shouldn’t be buying us drinks and feeding us drugs, they knew that."

The girl's father - who had separated from her mother - said she only discovered what had happened to her when the police came to tell him last year.

He described his daughter as a "beautiful, loving girl" who was happy, cheeky and "very intelligent", and said she was "still loved and supported" despite the break-up of the family.

The abuse led her into drug addiction, he says, but he is still "fiercely proud" of the way she handled herself.

Clockwise from top left: Taimorr Khan, Vikram Singh, Mohammed Imran, Asif Hussain, Arshad Jani and Akbari Khan. Credit: Thames Valley Police

The six men will face sentencing in September over their crimes, which occurred between 2006 and 2012 and included rape, child prostitution and the use of substances to "stupefy" a child.

Child B's father said they "don't deserve to see the light of day again", adding: "I detest them."

"They took her pride, her self-esteem, all the things that would have helped her to develop into a healthy young woman. They took years away from her that they had no right to take."