New photos of White House on September 11 released

Credit: Reuters

Never-before-seen photos taken in the White House on September 11, in the hours after terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center, have been released under a freedom of information request filed by a Frontline reporter.

The photographs, which were taken by Vice President’s Dick Cheney's staff photographer show President Bush, Cheney, their wives Laura and Lynne, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, CIA Director George Tenet and other senior member of Bush and Cheney's staff as they react to the attacks.

President Bush spent hours with Chief of Staff Andrew Card, Cheney and Rice in the hours after the attacks. Credit: Reuters

It is the second batch of photos released after a Freedom of Information Act was filed. The first set were released last month and contained hundreds of behind-the-scenes photos, including rare moments from inside Cheney's office.

Dick Cheney was moved from The White House as part of a plan to preserve continuity of leadership. Credit: Reuters

The White House refused to co-operate with news team's requests for photographs for years, so when the National Archives took over the Bush administration’s records, journalists quickly filed Freedom of Information Act requests for the long-denied photographs.

Dick Cheney and senior staff in the Emergency Operations Center. Credit: Reuters

Vice President Cheney watched hours of footage of the World Trade Center attack in his office in the hours after the attacks.

Dick Cheney watches television reports in Washington. Credit: Reuters

The entire collection of photographs released on Friday can now be found on the US National Archives' Flickr account.