Wrestler Hulk Hogan duped by pranksters on Twitter pretending to be famous footballers

Hulk Hogan clearly doesn't know what Kolo Toure looks like. Credit: Twitter

Hulk Hogan has been duped by pranksters on Twitter posting messages of support attached to images of professional footballers.

The wrester and TV personality, whose real name is Terry Bollea, was sacked by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on Friday after an allegedly racist video surfaced where he was caught describing people of African American origin as 'f***ing n*****s'.

The video was recorded in 2007 and featured Hogan speculating about whether his daughter had been sleeping with a black man.

The 61 year-old retweeted several posts from pranksters today who sent in messages of support, attached with photos that Hogan clearly believed to be genuine.

In reality, many of the people pictured were Premier League stars past and present, including Rio Ferdinand, Martin Keown, Romelu Lukaku and Danny Welbeck.

One thing's for sure, Hulk Hogan certainly isn't a EPL soccer fan.

How could he not recognise Martin Keown and Mathieu Flamini! Credit: Twitter
Here's Rio Ferdinand and Drake. Credit: Twitter
It's West Ham duo Adrian and Zarate! Credit: Twitter
An emotional show of support here from 'Kolo Toure'. Credit: Twitter