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Cross-eyed cat who keeps getting lost reunited with owner

A relieved cat owner has spoken of his joy at being reunited with his beloved moggy - whose unique cross-eyed condition means he often gets lost.

Ozzy the cat fell off a windowsill and hit his head as a kitten, causing him to go cross-eyed Credit: SWNS

Eight-year-old tom cat Ozzy was left with his crooked gaze after falling from a windowsill and hitting his head as a kitten.

While his owners try to keep him safe indoors, he often sneaks out - but then cannot find his way back home again.

He was recently handed in to the SSPCA after staff found him wandering around their car sales showroom in Perth, Scotland, having snuck out of the front door behind his owners' son.

Owner Ian has spoken of his relief at getting Ozzy back safe and sound Credit: SWNS

Ian and Evelyn McDougall, aged 57 and 61, say they took Ozzy in after his accident, struck by the newly-wonky-eyed kitten's striking resemblance to the hypnotised panther Baghera from Disney's Jungle Book.

Ozzy fell off a windowsill and we reckon he dunted his head then. That's when me and Evelyn took him in because he was the runt of the litter.

I think he's got tunnel vision - he can look at one bit and then it's a bit further away. It's very comical when he's chasing a fly. He's got real character about him.

He's a bit daft at times but he is very friendly. The condition doesn't hinder him in the house, he's used to the house. He's definitely a house cat.

– Ian McDougall, owner
Ozzy was found in a car sales showroom after sneaking out of the house Credit: SWNS

The SSPCA posted to their Facebook page in June after Ozzy came to them, frightened and suffering some minor injuries to his neck.

Ian said he knew it was his pet as soon as he heard about the appeal for owners of a cross-eyed cat.

My son left the door open when he was waiting on the school bus and he must have sneaked out beside the floor pots.

We were very relieved to have found him. The SSPCA put it up on their Facebook and I said 'that's my cat'.

Since he came home he's started to sleep in our bed, I don't know if it's for security.

– Ian McDougall, owner
Ozzy's owners say he bears a striking resemblance to hypnotised Baghera, from Disney's Jungle Book Credit: SWNS

Ozzy had previously escaped and was found just a short way down their street, confused and terrified, Ian added.

He is now under even stricter house arrest for his own safety.

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