Morrissey claims he was sexually assaulted at US airport

Singer Morrissey alleges he was "groped" at US airport Credit: Tobias Schwarz/Reuters

British singer Morrissey has alleged that he was sexually assaulted whilst going through security at San Francisco International Airport.

Writing on his fan website, True To You, he says he was "groped" on 27 July.

He says that is when the alleged assault took place.

San Francisco airport, where Morrissey alleges the assault happened. Credit: dunca_idaho_2007/Flickr

Morrissey says he was encouraged to complain by two British Airways staff who had witnessed the event.

On confrontation, Morrissey says the security officer would only reply with: "That's just your opinion." He has now lodged an official sexual assault complaint.

Mike England, a spokesman for the US Transport Security Administration (TSA) told the BBC that security camera footage showed that nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.