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American doctor accused of killing Zimbabwean lion

Dr Jan Casimir Seski has been pictured posing next to various dead animals. Credit:

An American doctor has been accused of killing a lion with a bow and arrow during an illegal hunt.

Zimbabwean authorities named Dr Jan Seski as a suspect in the killing, a week after American dentist Walter Palmer was accused of illegally hunting the country's most famous lion, Cecil.

Dr Seski, a gynaecological oncologist from Pennsylvania, has been pictured posing next to other dead animals including elephants, an impala, a kudu, a Nyala, a hippo and an ostrich.

Zimbabwe's National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority said Dr Seski was in the country in April as a client of a safari operator accused of breaching regulations.

Dr Seski pictured with a dead elephant. Credit:

The authority did not release any further details of the incident but said safari organiser Headman Sibanda had been arrested on allegations of breaking hunting rules.

In July, Minneapolis dentist and trophy hunter Walter Palmer killed Cecil, who ruled a pride in the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

The slaying of Cecil triggered global outrage on social media, protests, and petitions calling for Palmer to be extradited to Zimbabwe.