'Violent' typhoon heading for Taiwan and China

Typhoon Soudelor is expected to make landfall on Friday. Credit: Japanese Meteorological Agency

Typhoon Soudelor is expected to make landfall on Friday, and is expected to bring flooding to parts of Taiwan and eastern China later this week with around 500-700mm of rain predicted.

Soudelor is currently moving across the north western Pacific Ocean and is set to hit central Taiwan on Friday before making landfall over eastern China.

Pressure chart showing low pressure that it is generating large waves which are heading for western coasts. Credit: Met Office

With current surface wind speeds estimated to be 130 mph and gusts of up to 190 mph, the Met Office is calling it a "violent" typhoon.

These speeds are likely to ease slightly before reaching Taiwan, but it still holds the threat of a storm surge and high waves to coastal areas of Taiwan, the Met Office said.

The exact track of the storm could change over the coming days; but you can follow the movements of Typhoon Soudelor on via the Met Office on Twitter.