American politics in a race to the bottom as Republican candidates post absurd videos online

US Republican candidates post absurd and videos online. Credit: IJRevie/YouTube

Oh dear!

Has American politics - Presidential politics no less - come to this?

It is a race to the bottom, as Republican candidates post ever-more absurd and vacuous videos online.

Why are they humiliating themselves like this as they seek the most prestigious and powerful position on earth?

The answer can be summarised in two words: Donald Trump.

His celebrity candidacy has sucked all the oxygen out of the room.

No one else - Jeb Bush included - receives even a fraction of the publicity.

And free air time and name recognition are the keys to success at this stage of the campaign.

So what can the candidates do about it?

Look at these video clips and you will see.

They are desperate, policy-free, gimmicky efforts to gain attention.

Giant egos meet YouTube, and the result is either pitiful or funny, depending on your view of US politics.

Do these videos address the significant problems that need to be debated?

Gun crime, mental illness, ISIS, Iran, drug addiction... all are ignored.

Look at them and decide if we should laugh... or weep.

Cruz does machine gun bacon

Cruz does Simpsons impressions

Lindsay Graham destroys mobile phone

Rand Paul destroys tax code

Bobby Jindal does push ups