Not so fast food: McDonald's to offer table service in its UK restaurants for the first time

. Credit: Reuters

It's famous for its speedy queues, drive-thrus and fast food in paper cartons, but McDonald's is about to offer British customers table service for the first time.

"Would you like fries with that?" will soon be asked by a server who types customers' orders into an iPad at their table, as the chain seeks to ward off competition from upmarket burger rivals such as GBK and Byron's.

The fast food giant is trialling the service at 12 branches across the UK this month, beginning with Mottram, Greater Manchester.

If it proves successful, table service will be rolled out nationally, though there will still be an option to order at the till.

The firm says it hopes the service will provide customers with a more relaxed, modern dining experience.

Credit: PA

McDonald's table service is already in place in branches in France, Germany and Australia.

We have listened to customer feedback and to meet their evolving expectations we are significantly investing in our restaurants to create an exciting new environment and improve the customer experience.

McDonald's spokesman