The family of a seven-year-old boy who died after an accident on a building site have urged the public to stop "casting aspersions" after initial reports he had gone to a park in the evening without an adult.

Barnsley schoolboy Conley Thompson died last month after slipping into a vertical pipe at the unattended site near his home.

It was initially believed that Thompson had gone to Locke Park, around two miles away from the house.

However, South Yorkshire Police later said they no longer believed this was his destination after leaving the property alone at 6pm.

The child's body was found at a construction site near his home. Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

Today his family said they would have never let him go to the park without an adult, and called on the public to refrain from making such claims.

Firstly, the family would be grateful if any members of the community that are casting aspersions relating to Conley ever attending at Locke Park without an adult, either on the day he went missing or before that day, be kept to themselves.

Thompson family
Tributes left near the site of Thompson's death. Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

What we know about Thompson's disappearance

  • Left home at 6pm, telling his mother he was going to play with friends

  • Initial reports he travelled to Locke Park later dismissed by police

  • Believed to have travelled elsewhere, alone, before arriving at construction site

  • Body discovered at site at 8.30am the following morning

The family paid tribute to a "cheeky, mischievous and loud" boy who was also "loving and caring, with a heart of gold".

"As with most boys his age, Conley lived life large and loud, with a zest for adventure and curiosity," the statement added.

His mother and family also offered a "special and heart felt thank you to all the officers, both from the police and the Fire Service, who helped searched for Conley, as well as all the friends, neighbours and members of the community."

Police are now attempting to establish the child's last movements before Thompson's death.