Mother who left children home alone for three weeks while she went on holiday will not be prosecuted

. Credit: PA

A Salford woman who left her two children - one under 10 - home alone while she went abroad for three weeks has escaped prosecution.

The unnamed woman was arrested on suspicion of child neglect when she flew back to London’s Heathrow Airport in February this year, the Manchester Evening News reported.

She had left the family home in Salford in January to attend a wedding abroad and it is believed she had planned to remain out of the country longer, but came back after being alerted that police were investigating the situation.

Her children, who had been left to fend for themselves while she was out of the country, are believed to have continued going to school while their mother was away.

The Manchester Evening News said that it "understood" that the children were found with no food, heating or gas in an "unkempt" house.

The woman was arrested at Heathrow Airport Credit: PA

They were initially placed in the care of foster parents after their mother was arrested.

Greater Manchester Police have now confirmed that the woman has been issued with a police caution and will not face court action.

Both children are understood to have been returned to their mother.

A spokeswoman for the council has said: "We are continuing to work with the family."