UK sends sniffer dogs and fencing to France in bid to curb migrant crisis

Sniffer dogs in Coquelles Credit: Home Office

Measures to curb the number of migrants entering the UK from Calais have been put in place this week by the UK government.

Some 1.6km of fence has been installed around the Eurotunnel's shuttle platform in a bid to stop migrants attempting to board waiting and slow moving trains destined for the UK.

Sniffer dogs have also been sent to the Coquelles terminal in a crack down on migrants stowing away in lorries to get into Britain.

Last week, Prime Minister David Cameron pledged the measures after speaking to French President Francois Hollande.

More temporary National Barrier Assets fencing is to be erected by the UK in other areas to help protect the most vulnerable areas to migrant incursions.

Earlier this summer, UK-funded fencing at Calais Port was completed and 2.5km of double fencing was installed protecting the approach road.