Supermarket chain announces new premium milk brand amid farmer protests over falling dairy prices

Farmers say milk is being sold at prices so low it threatens to put them out of business Credit: Reuters

Supermarket chain Morrisons has announced the launch of a milk brand retailing at a premium in order to support the UK's dairy farmers.

The move comes amid protests by farmers against low milk prices, and follows a meeting today between Morrisons and farming industry leaders aimed at tackling a situation which sees milk sold in supermarkets for less than the cost of production.

Morrisons corporate services director Martyn Jones told ITV News he believed the move would offer some "practical help" for "hard pressed" dairy farmers:

The new milk brand, called 'Morrisons Milk for Farmers', will cost an extra 10p which will go to support farmers.

Martyn Jones of Morrisons said the new brand was "aimed at shoppers who want to directly support dairy farmers".

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Farmers say it costs them between 30-32p to produce each litre of milk Credit: PA

"It could be an additional help to the British dairy farmer at this difficult time for the industry," he said.

Rob Harrison from the NFU said he welcomed the move but told ITV News that "the whole supply chain" needed to "take responsibility for what they buy".

Farmers say it costs them between 30-32p to produce each litre of milk, above the price of the product in most supermarkets.

Jones said Morrisons had also asked its suppliers to share the benefit of any future decreases in milk prices with the farmers, rather than pass them on to the supermarket chain.

The new milk brand will be available from the autumn and regular milk brands will remain available.