A group of fishermen captured some once in a lifetime pictures after helping a whale which approached their boats north of Sydney.

Video courtesy of Channel 7

Ron Kovacs, who lives in Sydney, said the whale had some fishing line and two plastic bags on his head.

Writing on Facebook, Ron said: "I managed to grab at it but missed. He later came up to a trailer boat and presented his head. It was as if he wanted them to take it off."

Ivan Iskenderian, who was in the trailer boat with his friend Michael Riggio, 17, managed to snatch the bag from his head to cheers from Ron's boat.

Ivan Iskenderian grabs the bag and line off the whale Credit: Ron Kovacs/YouTube
  • Watch the moment Ivan grabs the bag off the whale's head below

Ivan told Channel7: "It just came up to us so I just reached out and I just picked it (the bag) up and took it off. The whale was playing around. It seemed quite happy about it.

He added: "It was really inquisitive looking at us. It didn't seem distressed at all. It was surreal just touching it and everyone was taking pictures and everyone cheered when I took the plastic bag off."

Michael Riggio, 17, (left) took selfies with the whale while his friend Ivan Iskenderian took the bag off the creature Credit: Michael Riggio/Instagram