A girl filmed Prime Minister David Cameron eating paprika Pringles on an easyJet flight

Mr Cameron looks engrossed in his iPad Credit: Ashleigh/Twitter

A teenage girl posted a series of pictures of David Cameron eating Pringles after she shared a budget flight with the Prime Minister.

Ashleigh, 16, who was travelling on the flight with her boyfriend, tweeted: "I was 3 seats away from David Cameron on my flight to Portugal."

She added: "Guys I'm crying he was eating Pringles."

Mr Cameron was flying in economy on an Easyjet flight to Portugal where he is believed to be on holiday in the Algarve with his wife Samantha and their children.

The Prime Minister, who is accompanied by bodyguards, can be seen eating a tin of Paprika Pringles and relaxing with a iPad just three seats away from the girl on the flight.

Mr Cameron looks engrossed in his iPad Credit: Ashleigh/Twitter

Pringles UK retweeted Ashleigh's tweet while others on social media were surprised to see the Prime Minister eating the crisps and travelling in economy.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by his security staff Credit: Ashleigh/Twitter

One user on social media made reference to Mr Cameron being pictured earlier this year eating a hot dog with a knife and fork.

While others praised the Prime Minister for flying economy.

It isn't the first time the Prime Minister has been snapped enjoying a quick snack.

Last year, he was pictured in Nando's in Bristol enjoying chicken and chips.