27 more sites could face fracking as oil and gas licenses awarded

Oil and gas exploration taking place in Balcombe in West Sussex Credit: ITV News

More than two dozen new areas in northern England and the Midlands could face fracking after new licences were awarded for oil and gas exploration.

27 new areas have been awarded to companies to explore for oil and gas as the Government seeks to push forward with a shale industry in the UK.

They include:

  • Near Nottingham

  • Sheffield

  • Lincoln

  • Preston

A further 132 areas, including parts of the West Country and the south coast as well the North East and North West, are set to be awarded subject to further environmental assessment and conditions to protect wildlife and habitats.

Among those companies which have won the 27 licences is Cuadrilla, which is appealing against two refused applications to frack for shale gas in Lancashire.

It has secured a licence for a new area between Barnsley and Doncaster and another for an area between York and Bridlington.

The pale green areas show the 27 blocks where new licences have been awarded Credit: Oil and Gas Authority