Grief-stricken family and friends leave flowers for victims of Bangkok blast

People leave roses for the victims at the site of a deadly blast in central Bangkok Credit: Reuters

Grieving family and friends of the victims of a devastating bomb attack in Bangkok have left flowers and messages at the site of the blast.

At least 22 people were killed and more than 120 others were injured when the bomb exploded near the Erawan Shrine in the centre of Thailand's capital city.

Relatives cry as they remove the body of Suwan Sudmun, a Thai victim of the explosion Credit: Reuters

A female British national who had been living in Hong Kong was among those killed, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond confirmed today.

Another of the victims, Suwan Sudman, was taken to the Institue of Forensic Medicine in the city, where his relatives gathered to grieve for their loss.

Nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but officials have identified the man they believe was responsible on CCTV.

Grieving family and friends gathered to mourn the loss of their loved ones Credit: Reuters
A woman leaves flowers near the scene of the blast Credit: Reuters

The suspect was seen briefly sitting down near the shrine with a backpack, before getting up and walking away without it.

The country's army chief has said the attack did not match the tactics used by separatist Muslim rebels in the south, though added no group had been ruled out.

Officials believe the attack was designed to damage Thailand's struggling economy.

New footage emerged earlier today showing the moment of the explosion: