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Police force criticised for launching appeal to reunite woman with lost chocolates

Police are trying to reunite a woman with her Belgian chocolates Credit: PA

A police force has come under fire for launching an appeal to reunite a woman with her Belgian chocolates.

The woman, who was returning from a holiday to Belgium, contacted Nottinghamshire Police over the weekend on the non-emergency number 101, to report she had lost her treats enroute.

The control room put the lady through to lost property at Central police station.

The force has posted an appeal on their Facebook page saying the chocolates have now been found and are urging the woman to get in touch.

Nottinghamshire Police posted this appeal on Facebook to find a woman who had reported she had lost her Belgian chocolates Credit: Facebook

The appeal prompted dozens of comments from angry social media users, who claim the appeal is a waste of police resources.

"It probably took you 10 minutes to post this rubbish. 10 minutes you could have used doing proper police work. Like finding missing children and catching burglars."

– Jenny-ann Liddell

"Have you nothing better to do than play Charlie and the chocolate factory. Seriously, there's no wonder people have no faith in the police."

– Louise Gunning

Many others expressed their support for the force.

"Good on Nottinghamshire police you do a great job in helping everybody keep up the good work."

– Sandra Sievewright

"Reading all the posts it just goes to prove you can't please all of the people all of the time. I for one like to see the lighthearted side of policing and hope the lady gets her chocolates back."

– Daz Sear

In response to the comments Nottinghamshire Police wrote "Thanks for your comments everyone. To clarify, the lady who called in on 101 only wanted information on reporting lost property which we were happy to help with.There are no officers dealing with this - we're just looking to use social media to put two people in touch with one another.

"As for the post - two minutes to write and maybe it will brighten someone's day."