Russell Brand calls time on social media

Russell Brand is taking a break from social media Credit: PA

Comedian Russell Brand announced today he is quitting social media and taking a break from his YouTube programme, The Trews, because he is tired of becoming the story.

He said that he has become the target of "overwhelming" condemnation for speaking out about issues from his online platform.

He uploaded his final episode of The Trews today and said that he is also taking a break from Facebook and Twitter, but didn't say for how long.

“I think we’ve gone as far as we can with the Trews for now,” he said.

His decision comes a day after he said he would back Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader despite saying he was stepping back from politics after the general election, where he backed Ed Miliband.

He came under fire in July where he called the minute's silence held in honour of the victims of the Tunisia massacre as "total bullsh*t"** claiming that the British government perpetuates attacks by selling arms to other countries.

Through The Trews he also campaigned for residents of the New Era housing estate in east London who were facing eviction from their homes to may way for an upmarket development.

"Thank you for all the people who supported our campaigns," he said. "Obviously they're still going on. Thanks to everyone who've participated in it."

"Trew be continued. We will be ending on a bad pun," he added.