Backlash to Spotify access to photos and contact numbers in new privacy changes

Credit: PA Images

Music service Spotify has been criticised for introducing a raft of security changes that will give them access to key smartphone details, including users' contact phone numbers and photos.

The latest privacy and security update will also see users grant Spotify access to smartphone sensor data and details on their activity on social media.

Customers took to Twitter to condemn the update, which was outlined as the streaming platform's latest "Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy".

Of particular controversy was the passage that read: "We may ask for customer permission to collect information from new sources, such as address book, location, and sensor data from the mobile device to improve the customer experience and inform product decisions."

The creator of popular computer game Minecraft, Markus Persson, was a leading figure in the backlash.

Mr Persson confirmed he had cancelled his account, while others voiced their displeasure.

Spotify said the changes - which will take effect in the coming weeks - would help it improve its service, with details such as the sensor data powering a new feature that links song playlists to exercise.