Proud mum Victoria Beckham praises Brooklyn for passing his GCSEs

Victoria Beckham has been gushing about her son Brooklyn's GCSEs results after he proved himself a model student by passing all his exams.

Posting a picture of her 16-year-old son on her Instagram, Victoria said: "Congratulations to my baby for passing all his exams x we r all so proud of u."

It appears a celebratory family meal was in order ending in a sweet chocolate tweet for Brooklyn judging by the post.

Brooklyn's pictured with a plate holding a chocolate fondant, cream and the words Congratulations! piped in chocolate sauce.

Brooklyn himself couldn't resist posting the picture on his own page.

"Guess what??? I passed all my GCSE exams," he said - although he didn't mention what his grades were.

Brooklyn Beckham posted a black and white version of the photo on his Instagram Credit: Brooklyn Beckham/Instagram