Fans urge McDonald's to reconsider Burger King's 'McWhopper' proposal

The proposed design of the McWhopper. Credit: Burger King

Fans are urging McDonald's to reconsider a proposal to create a "McWhopper", a peace offering for charity offered by main rival, Burger King.

Burger King took out whole page adverts in some of America's leading newspapers to invite McDonald's to team up for a charity campaign which would see the specially created handburgers served from a pop-up restaurant.

The open letter read:

The event would be in honour of Peace One Day, a non-profit organisation campaigning to make 21 September an annual day of unity.

Burger King then explained the McWhopper concept:

McDonald's, however, seemed less than enamored with the idea, posting its rejection publicly on Facebook on Wednesday morning.

McDonald's post a rejection on the company facebook account. Credit: McDonald's/Facebook

Fans of the food chain were not impressed with the "passive aggressive" reply and were quick to voice their disapproval:

Responses to McDonald's statement on facebook. Credit: Facebook