Warning to boil tap water is lifted in parts of Lancashire

Credit: PA

A warning to boil tap water after an outbreak of a parasitic bug has been lifted in parts of Lancashire by United Utilities.

The company said its work to remove the cryptosporidium bug was "proving successful" and that the notice had been removed in certain areas.

Around 80,000 homes in parts of Blackpool, Chorley and Preston will now be able to use their water without boiling it.

The restriction is being kept in place in other areas while work to eradicate the bug continues.

The warning was issued earlier this month when traces of the parasite were found in the water supply at a United Utilities treatment plant in Catterall.

The company said it was writing to people to confirm they no longer needed to boil water and residents can also check on its website.

Credit: PA

United Utilities said it took the decision after water quality returned to normal in some areas and that it was "working round the clock" to solve the problem.

"We always said that we would lift the boil water notice as soon as we were able to in those areas where there was no longer a risk to public health," it said in a statement.

"We will continue our work to remove the bug from all parts of the Lancashire network and will lift the boil water notice in further areas as and when we are able to do so and will write to you when you no longer have to boil your water.

"For those still subject to the boil water advice, please continue to boil your water until advised otherwise."

The company has said it will compensate homes and businesses affected by the notice.