US rapper Tyler the Creator banned from the UK over lyrics

Tyler, the Creator banned for lyrics featured in his songs several years ago. Credit: PA

Tyler the Creator, the US rapper and Odd Future collective co-founder, has been banned from the UK.

The US rapper, 24, said he had been stopped from entering the country by Home Secretary Theresa May because of lyrics he wrote in 2009.

The artist has faced criticism for including "homophobic" lyrics and offensive language about women.

He will now miss the Reading and Leeds festivals this month.

A Home Office spokesperson, while not naming the artist, said anyone "not conducive to the public good" would be barred from the UK.

Tyler announced the ban to his fans on Twitter.

Christian Clancy, the rapper's manager, said he had been banned from the UK until at least 2018 for lyrics featured on his first two albums Bastard and Goblin.

Statement by the artist's manager posted on Tumblr. Credit: Artist's manager/Tumblr

A Home Office spokesman said:

Some fans have stared a petition in a bid to force parliament to debate the issue.

Earlier this year, the artist faced a similar ban in Australia, after a women's campaign group lobbied to stop his entry due to "misogynistic hate speech against women" and lyrics describing sexual violence.