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French woman makes YouTube video to find Australian she claims got her pregnant

Natalie Aymot claims she got pregnant after a holiday romance in Queensland. Credit: Facebook/Natalie Aymot

A French woman who claims she fell pregnant after a holiday romance with an Australian has posted a video on YouTube to try and find her baby's father.

Natalie Aymot said she met the "really cute guy" at an Irish bar in Mooloolaba, Queensland and it was "love at first sight".

They spent a "beautiful night" together but she flew home to Paris the next day and lost her phone with his number in it, she says.

"Six weeks later I found out that I am pregnant so I've come back here to try and find him because I have no family of my own.

"Please help me, share this video, show your friends and hopefully he will see this."

The local man is described as being "about 6ft tall, tanned, with blue eyes and blonde hair".

However, she does not reveal the man's name which has prompted many to speculate that the video may be a hoax.

Since the clip was posted on Sunday it has been viewed more than 6,000 times and also featured on Australian TV.

On her Facebook page, Natalie wrote the public's support "has made me cry".

Another post said: "I'm so overwhelmed. I didn't think it would be on the news. Am going to the same bars/clubs this weekend to see if he is there."

She added: "I just want to see him again...I have nothing left if I don't find him...if he says no then that wrong?"

Natalie claims the pair met at O'Malley's bar before heading to the Wharf Tavern but does not give an exact date when.

Local tourist boards and the owner of O'Malley's bar have denied the video is part of any PR stunt to do with them, according to Australian media reports.