Is this Yvette Cooper's bravest campaign moment yet?

Yvette Cooper has thrown caution to the wind in her latest announcement. Credit: PA

This is the biggest, bravest move in the Labour Leadership race since someone said 'Let's nominate Corbyn.'

With the Government failing to get immigration "down to the tens of thousands", up pops Yvette Cooper and says "let ten thousand in".

Yes that's 'IN'. And, yes, that's Yvette Cooper.

The candidate whose name had become a byword for caution has thrown that to the wind with an impassioned call for Britain to live up to its history.

She says this is the biggest migration crisis since the war when Britain rescued thousands from the Nazis.

Cooper says that if every city and London council would accept ten refugee families, that would add up to 10,000 people rescued by Britain.

She says cash-strapped local authorities should be helped to pay for them by the Home Office.

It's a big proposal from a candidate who needs something big for her campaign.

But is it enough? Her people say there are still a lot of votes in play with the last batch of 100,000 leadership ballots only having gone out at the end of last week.

They may be depending on 'undecideds'. And hoping that Yvette Cooper's decision to leap down off the fence today will encourage others to follow suit.