Cool brisk winds and possible thundery showers expected today

Clouds over Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, at the weekend Credit: PA

It's been a colder start to the day, especially in rural areas of Britain. Conditions will remain changeable with another mix of scattered showers and sunny spells.

Locally across England and Wales some of the showery outbreaks are likely to turn heavy and thundery.

Today's winds will also add a cooling affect as a colder flow of air travels in from the north and northwest.

In Scotland the wind will be brisk and perhaps touch gale force in Shetland and Orkney, as well as coastal parts of North East Scotland.

Temperatures will mainly hover between the mid to high teens. In the far south of England a pleasant 20C is likely.


Most of today's showers will fade out through this evening and overnight. In Scotland however there'll be further wet spells to come.

In England, Wales and N. Ireland some clear spells will develop and in rural areas it'll fall quite chilly for the time of year.