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Warning to students after campus battle between python and cobra

The python attempts to crush the cobra just behind its head Photo: Abhishek Ambede/Nanyang Technical University

Students at a university in Singapore have been warned to be on their guard after a python and a king cobra were spotted locked in a potentially lethal battle.

Abishek Ambede captured the impressive encounter near Nanyang Technical University Student Council.

But after just one of the snakes was captured, the university told students to be "extra vigilant" in the area.

"Please be careful when you take the sidewalk near to bushes- night researchers and Night runners, please be extra vigilant," the university said.

The snakes stretched along the kerb on the university campus Credit: Abhishek Ambede/Nanyang Technical University
This time it's personal: the python is tight coiled around the cobra's head Credit: Abhishek Ambede/Nanyang Technical University
The cobra is pinned down. Credit: Nanyang Technical University
The bag containing the captured cobra. Credit: Nanyang Technical University

Cobras are known for their deadly venom, while pythons are constrictors, using their muscular bodies to squeeze the air out of their prey.

Fortunately, the missing cobra was eventually captured.

The student council issued an update saying it had been safely bagged by the pest control team and would be re-homed in a local zoo.