Chaotic scenes in Hungary as migrants refuse to go to refugee camp

Video report by ITV News' James Mates

Scuffles broke out in Hungary today as police attempted to force migrants off a train and into a refugee camp.

Hundreds of people flooded into Keleti train station in eastern Budapest when authorities reopened the terminal after a two-day stand-off, with many believing they were about to start a new life in Germany.

But chaotic scenes erupted when the train stopped in the town of Bicske - home to one of Hungary's refugee camps - and police attempted to force the migrants off the train.

Fearing they would be made to register at the camp - thus making it harder for them to seek asylum in Germany and other parts of Europe - many refused, sparking clashes with riot police.

ITV News Europe Editor James Mates witnessed the moment one desperate man threw himself, his wife and their child onto the train tracks refusing to go.

A man dragged his family with him onto the railway tracks at the town of Bickse. Credit: Reuters
Refugees clashed with riot police after being ordered to leave the train. Credit: Reuters

Police then ordered journalists away from the scene, declaring it as an "operation zone".

Refugees shouted "don't leave us" as members of the media were pushed away from train.

"Whatever happens next, the Hungarians don't want the world to see," James Mates said.

James Mates witnessed today's harrowing scenes from the moment the station was reopened: