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McBusted's Tom Fletcher to become a father for a second time

McBusted star Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna are expecting their second child.

The couple, have already have a son called Buzz, announced the news in a slickly produced Youtube video.

It shows Tom finding an old Sega Mega Drive in the attic which he takes downstairs to play a game with his wife and son.

Buzz is seen picking himself as "Player 1", while his mother picks "Player 2", which is an image of a question mark.

'Player 2' in the game is indicated with a question mark. Credit: Youtube

The camera then pans down to reveal a baby scan in front of Giovanna's tummy.

An ultrasound image reveals the couple are expecting a new addition to the family. Credit: YouTube

As fans began to send their congratulations, Fletcher tweeted his thanks, adding that "happy and excited don't quite cover it".

It's not the first time the family have made a big announcement in a novel way, as they previously revealed the news of their first baby with the help of pumpkins.

Tom and Giovanna carved out their baby news the first time round. Credit: YouTube

Fletcher's wedding speech to the accompaniment of the tunes from his songs with his original group McFly has been viewed more than 16 million times.