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Thousands of migrants start walking from Hungary to Austria in searing heat

Video report from ITV News' James Mates

Thousands of refugees blocked from travelling into the Europe from Hungary have begun walking to Austria.

Men, women and young children braved extreme heat to walk along the main M1 motorway out of Budapest.

The move comes after Hungarian authorities spent days blocking migrants - many fleeing war-torn Syria - from boarding trains to Germany.

"The situation is degenerating by the day - there are simply too many people on the move for Hungarians to keep them under control," Europe Editor James Mates said.

The Hungarian government later announced they would provide buses to the Austrian border- news that was met with cheers by the thousands making the journey on foot.

In other developments in Hungary:

  • Migrants have clashed with riot police at the Roszke camp, close to the border with Hungary
  • A Pakistani migrant died after running down the tracks from Bicske railway - where police had been holding several hundred migrants on a train since yesterday
  • Refugees clashed with riot police after breaking down the barrier at Roszke camp, close to the border with Serbia.
  • The leaders of Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic said they 'stand ready' to assist Hungary if needed
Thousands are thought to be marching from Budapest to Austria. Credit: Reuters
A boy on a shopping trolley clings on to his teddy as his parents walk the family to Austria Credit: Georgina Brewer/Twitter
Thousands are thought to be marching from Budapest to Austria. Credit: Reuters

Migrants who had been held on a train at Bicske railway station ended a 36-hour stand off with police and boarded buses to a nearby camp to be registered.

Around 350 people ran down the tracks from the station earlier in the day, with a Pakistani migrant reported to have died after falling and hitting his head.

Migrants forced down the barriers at Roszke camp, near the Serbian border, with police using tear gas to try to control them.

The leaders of Hungary's neighbours, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic expressed solidarity with the country, but the Hungarian prime minister has expressed concerns that the large influx of refugees threaten the "Christian values" of Europe.

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