Mr Bean takes his mini for a royal spin for his 25th anniversary

Mr Bean Credit: PA

Rowan Atkinson slipped back into character for the 25th anniversary of Mr Bean.

Atkinson, now 60, took his iconic car, a 1976 British Leyland Mini 1000, for a spin outside Buckingham Palace.

Mr Bean outside Buckingham Palace Credit: PA

Mr Bean recreated a sketch from the episode Do-It-Yourself Mr Bean, which first aired in January 1994.

He took in the view from the armchair strapped to the top of his car as he sped along the mall.

Mr Bean with his anniversary presents Credit: PA

In the original scene, Mr Bean goes to the January sales where he buys an armchair, tins of paint and a mop.

After tying the chair to the roof and squeezing everything else inside the car, he soon realises that there is no room left for himself.

In typical Mr Bean buffoonery, he figures out a way to drive the car remotely while sitting in the chair attached to the roof.

Atkinson appeared delighted to be back in the role as he toured London with his friend Teddy - who looked quite tired by the end of the trip.