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Waitrose pays for family's hotel stay over fears home invaded by spiders found in bananas

The woman immediately contacted the store where she bought the bananas. Credit: Google Street View

Supermarket chain Waitrose paid for a family to be put up a family in a hotel after they feared their home would be invaded by deadly spiders found in their bananas.

The family, from Leigh on Sea, Essex, discovered a spider's nest and egg sac when they opened the bag of fruit bought from a local Waitrose.

The mum quickly put the bananas in a plastic container in her garden and called the store where she had bought them.

She was concerned for her 20-month-old daughter, fearing the spiders could be deadly Colombian spiders known to nest among bananas.

The woman had bought the bananas from Waitrose. Credit: Alamy

The supermarket chain put the family up in four-star Roslin Beach Hotel in Southend for two nights while their home was fumigated.

Tests revealed that the spiders were not deadly ones from Colombia, but were in fact lizard-eating huntsman spiders.

The woman praised the supermarket's brilliant response.

Waitrose were brilliant about it.

They said we could go to a hotel - we didn't want to be in the property if there was a possibility it had hatched.

I don't blame Waitrose as it could happen at any store but people do need to be vigilant.

– Woman who found spiders
The family were put up in a four star hotel. Credit: Google Street View

A spokeswoman for Waitrose told ITV News that the safety of customers was an "absolute priority".

We have done everything we can to look after the family during what must have been a distressing incident and we've apologised personally.

Although it is highly unusual, we're taking it very seriously and will be working with our supplier to minimise the risk of this happening again.

– Waitose Spokeswoman