Moderate Labour candidates 'fear deselection' under Corbyn

Moderate Labour candidates fear deselection under Corbyn Credit: PA

Video report by ITV News' Libby Wiener

In the biggest upheaval the Labour party has seen for more than 20 years, leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn - who fought from the start as an outsider - has turned the party's politics on its head.

His socialist appeal has seen a record number of members sign up to vote, with young and old like seemingly reinvigorated by his policies and vision for the party.

But a Labour party candidate has claimed that if Corbyn becomes leader, would-be MPs like could face being deselected because of their more moderate views.

Rachel Burgin, who stood as a Labour candidate for Hitchin and Harpenden at the last election, says that she now finds herself abused online by people claiming to be Corbyn supporters, who accuse her of being a Tory.

However, dedicated campaigners that spoke to Libby Wiener in Salford say they believe Corbyn is the man to unite, rather than divide the party.