MP stuns parliament with claims refugees stopped him getting a haircut

Credit: Parliament TV

A Conservative MP has stunned parliament by claiming that refugees and economic migrants stopped him getting a haircut.

Speaking during an emergency debate on the current refugee crisis, Adam Holloway said that many refugees living in Britain go on holiday in the countries they fled from, and are therefore economic migrants - and "for that reason" he could not get his hair cut.

The Gravesham MP was sternly rebuked by Labour's Stephen Doughty who said that, "like so many in the chamber, he is constantly blurring the lines and definitions between refugee, migrant, economic migrant and asylum seeker which is unhelpful".

Holloway, a former soldier and journalist spent time undercover in Calais and Serbia covering migrant and refugees issues then went on to describe his experiences to justify his views.

He also described Germany as "bonkers" for its stance offering to take in huge numbers of Syrian refugees, and said Britain should follow the Australian example as a deterrent to migration to the UK.