A heavy sandstorm across parts of the Middle East has killed two people, left hundreds of people in hospital and disrupted fighting in Syria.

Lebanon has been hardest hit, with authorities saying 750 people are being treated for breathing problems in addition to the two people who have died.

Clouds of dust have also engulfed Israel, Jordan and Cyprus.

The effects of the storm are expected to last into Wednesday, with temperatures of over 40°C in some areas.

The dust is affecting visibility across the Middle East Credit: Reuters

Local authorities advised people to stay indoors, warning that the storms could cause respiratory problems.

Jerusalem has been hit by the storm Credit: Reuters

Tourists in Israel have been forced to wear masks, with the effects exacerbated by the heatwave hitting the country.

There were fewer airstrikes in Syria on Monday as the storm engulfed the sky, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group.

Tourists in Israel have been forced to wear masks Credit: Reuters

The dust was expected to disappear by Thursday, the Cypriot Met Office said, but predicted it would take longer before the situation returned to normal..