'Buried alive' escape artist rescued after stunt goes wrong

An escapologist who tried to outdo Harry Houdini by completing a 'buried alive' challenge almost died when the stunt went wrong.

Antony Britton, who was handcuffed and buried under 6ft of soil, had to be rescued when he failed to emerge after nine minutes.

Paramedics revived the stuntman after he fell unconscious in front of shocked onlookers at the Escape For Life charity event in Huddersfield on Saturday.

A statement on the Escape For Life Facebook page said: "As those who were there will know, the buried alive stunt didn't go to plan. Although Antony is ok despite having to be pulled out.

"Antony's team decided to pull the plug on the escape when they lost communication with him.

"He was found in a semi-conscious state and onsite paramedics acted quickly once he was pulled to the surface."

It added Antony "vowed not to be beaten" and would try the escape again "so watch this space".

Even Harry Houdini could not complete the Buried Alive challenge. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The escape artist is one of only three people in the past century to attempt the Buried Alive stunt.

Houdini was the first to try it in 1915 but had to be pulled out by his assistants. He died before he could try it again.

The second attempt in 1949 by 22-year-old Alan Alan from Manchester also failed after he fell unconscious.

The stunt is said to be so difficult because of the weight of the soil and is not performed in a coffin as it would be impossible for the lid to be lifted.