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MP tells ITV News he did not implicate Paula Radcliffe in athletics doping scandal

Jesse Norman said his comments were taken out of context. Credit: ITV News

The MP accused of linking marathon runner Paula Radcliffe to the athletics doping scandal has denied implicating her.

During a Culture, Media and Sport hearing on Tuesday, Jesse Norman mentioned "British athletes", including some medallists and winners of the London Marathon, during a discussion on doping.

Radcliffe has since hit out at the comments, saying doping "goes against everything I believe in" and criticising the hearing for "giving extra oxygen to lies and untruths".

Speaking to ITV News today, Mr Norman said he never attacked Radcliffe in the meeting.

He said a "tiny" comment during the three-hour hearing had been taken out of context and he was "very sad" about the consequences.

"I did not name her in the committee," Mr Norman told ITV News.

"It looks as though she was then notified of one tiny snippet of the hearing which then became something that people suggested that was implicating her.

"In fact it wasn't implicating her and if you talk to any of my colleagues on the committee they will confirm that they did not bear that implication at the time."

Mr Norman suggested Radcliffe had been having to deal with "slurs" about her success for some time, which might explain her concern.

"That's not anything to do with our committee - we're concerned with the general issue of blood doping," he said.

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