Brooklyn Beckham provides a guide to Instagram

Brooklyn Beckham in his video guide Credit: Miss Vogue

He's the son of two of the most famous faces in the world and has more than four million followers on Instagram - so he's obviously doing something right when it comes to social media.

Now Brooklyn Beckham has produced a guide on perfecting your profile.

The 16-year-old model limits himself to a few basic tips, but the first one might be hard to swallow for the selfie generation.

His advice? "Everyone loves a selfie, it's fine, but when every single photo on your profile consists of photos of yourself, you need to rethink your Instagram. Don't forget to look for interesting things going on around you instead."

Want people to follow you? Don't ask them. As Brooklyn says, "You wouldn't beg someone to be your mate in real life would you?"

Introducing Brooklyn's Instagram guide Credit: Miss Vogue

He also advises against selfie sticks, saying they "were funny for about five minutes."

His next tip is to limit your use of filters on your photos.

But his main rule? "Don't forget to make it fun."