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Suspects with links to Boko Haram 'charged over acid attack of two Britons' in Zanzibar

Acid attack victims Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup were 18 in 2013 when the attack took place. Credit: ITV News/Facebook

A senior politician has claimed for the first time that suspect have been charged with carrying out a horrific acid attack in Zanzibar two years ago on two teenage British volunteers, saying that they have links to Islamic terror group Boko Haram.

Writing for US political website The Hill, Abdulrahman Kinana, a senior politician from the ruling party, claims that the British pair were attacked by members of the Uamsho or “Awakening” group who have now been charged with the crime.

Friends Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup - who were then 18 - were enjoying the last week of a trip as volunteer teachers when when men on a moped threw sulphuric acid at their heads and chests.

In his article, Mr Kinana said the groups involved frequently target foreigners and want to convert Zanzibar into "an extremist state".

Assisted by investigators from the British police at New Scotland Yard and Interpol, the Tanzanian authorities later arrested for the crime members of Uamsho or “Awakening”, an Islamic terrorist group with known links to Boko Haram.

They have now been charged in court.

Uamsho has a history of targeting foreigners and even Muslim and Christian religious leaders who do not support their aim of tearing apart the union of Tanzania through terrorism and converting Zanzibar into an extremist state.

– Abdulrahman Kinana

Journalist Ben Taylor, who is based in Tanzania, said on Twitter that this is the first time any charges for the acid attack have been mentioned by the government.

The pair were airlifted back to the UK and Miss Gee endured extensive plastic surgery.