Battle of Britain: Prince Harry to join veterans at 75th anniversary flypast

A memorial fly past of 40 Second World War-era fighter planes will take place today to mark the 75th Anniversary of victory in the Battle of Britain.

The historic flypast of an estimated 40 Spitfires, Hurricanes and Blenheims from across the UK, USA and Europe will take part over the South of England over several of the airfields used during the war.

Prince Harry will join Second World War veterans and wounded servicemen supported by his Endeavour Fund at Goodwood Aerodrome in Sussex to mark the occasion.

Credit: Reuters

It is thought the event will be the largest collection of this type of aircraft since the end of the War and will be a tribute to the pilots famously dubbed The Few by wartime prime minister Winston Churchill for their efforts in defeating the Luftwaffe.

The Battle of Britain Day flypast website has maps of the approximate routes the aircraft will take.

Battle of Britain' reenactors perform a 'scramble' at Biggin Hill in August. Credit: Reuters

Today's aerial display takes place on Battle of Britain day - the name given to 15th September 1940 when Germany's Luftwaffe launched its largest attack against London in the hope of drawing out the RAF and destroying it as an operational force.

A service will also be held at St Paul's Cathedral in London.

Tom Neil, 95, an ex-wing commander and Battle of Britain Hurricane and Spitfire pilot, will lead the formation from the rear of a two-seater Spitfire - the symbol of Britain's fight against Nazi forces.

An aerial battle over London at 9am on the morning of 6th September 1940 Credit: PA

The summer of 1940 - when the Battle of Britain took place- is perhaps one of the most important moments in European history.

If the RAF had been defeated in the skies above the UK, then Hitler's armies would have been able to stage an invasion of the British Isles that would have inevitably changed the course of history.

During today's event, Prince Harry will attend a flight briefing before touring the flight line to see the aircraft and meet the present day aircraft owners, operators, pilots and engineers.