Dazed deer smashes window and charges through hotel

A hotel in the US had an unexpected guest when a deer smashed through a window and ran around the hallways in confusion.

CCTV at the New Victorian Inns and Suites in York, Nebraska caught the animal causing quite commotion in August.

In the clip, the young animal dashes across the car park and leaps through a window, crash-landing into some tables.

The deer enters the hotel lobby cautiously before making a dash for a laundry room

No deer - or humans - were harmed during the making of this video. Credit: New Victorian Inn/APTN

It runs down a hallway much to the bemusement of guests and hotel security.

The no-doubt confused woodland creature is left in the laundry until animal experts arrived to help free it.

NBC News affiliate WOWT reportthat the deer escaped unharmed - but hotel owner Don Hoehne said that it left without paying for the damages.