James Corden in tears as he and Stevie Wonder sing the soul legend's best hits and crack jokes in Carpool Karaoke sketch

James Corden in tears as he sings with Stevie Wonder. Credit: The Late Late Show

The Late Late Show host James Corden joined Stevie Wonder in a comical sketch in which the duo belted out some of the legendary soul icon's best hits.

The joked filled programme started with a gag, as Corden spoke to an off screen driver.Looking anxious, he asks the driver: "Are you sure you're okay to drive?" before the camera pans to reveal the soul star.

Video: The Late Late Show

With his trademark sunglasses on, Stevie replies: "My hands are on the steering wheel. We are ready to roll!"

Corden and Wonder feeling very Superstitious. Credit: The Late Late Show

In the hilarious video, Stevie takes the mickey out of Corden by mimicking a British accent. Corden replies: "You know it winds me up!"

Corden on airbass and Stevie Wonder on harmonica. Credit: The Late Late Show

They then launch into a duets of songs like Superstitious and You Can Feel It All Over.

At one point, Corden asks Stevie to ring his wife Julia, before the singer and musician launches into a version of I Just Called to Say I Love You on behalf of James.

Corden is overwhelmed when Stevie sings to his wife Julia. Credit: The Late Late Show

Wonder changes the words to "I just called to say James loves you. I just called to say how much he cares."

Overwhelmed, Corden wipes tears from his face and at the end of the call says to his wife: "Alright babe, I've got to get back to work."

Corden and Wonder then launch into a rendition of Isn't She Lovely.