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Robert Mugabe gives wrong speech at opening of Zimbabwe's parliament

Zimbabwe's MPs had good reason to think they'd heard it all before as President Mugabe spoke at the opening of parliament on Tuesday.

After arriving with his wife in a vintage Rolls Royce, Robert Mugabe addressed the country's MPs in Harare with the same speech he had given in a state of the nation speech last month.

Robert Mugabe arrives at parliament with the wrong speech Credit: Reuters

However, MPs from Mugabe's ruling Zanu-PF party didn't seem to mind and cheered the 91-year-old as he promised to revive the country's struggling economy with a large does of help from China.

"Let us, whatever our affiliations, political, religious, social, continue to believe in ourselves, to believe in our collective capacity, so as to overcome adversity and challenges that confront us, including unemployment," Mugabe said.

A spokesman for the President, George Charamba, blamed the error on a "mix-up" in his secretarial office.

"The delivery in parliament should be set aside," Charamba told the government-owned Herald newspaper,

MPs from the opposition Movement for Democratic Change were less impressed though and sat in stony silence throughout Mugabe's speech. They had earlier threatened to disrupt the event which led to parliament suspending the live broadcast.

Charamba said Mugabe would read the correct speech later at a Harare hotel.