Richard Burgon MP: The end of 'shameful weekly spectacle of MPs shouting childish insults' at Prime Minister's Questions

Richard Burgon MP: End of 'shameful weekly spectacle' of PMQs. Credit: ITV News

By Richard Burgon MP

This blog was written by Richard Burgon MP as commentary on Jeremy Corbyn's first Prime Minister's Questions as the Labour leader.

Today saw Prime Minister’s Questions transformed - thanks to Labour’s new leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

The shameful weekly spectacle of MPs shouting childish insults has let down voters for too long and Jeremy has already changed it.

Jeremy was elected Leader because he inspired thousands of members and supporters - new and long-standing - right across the country and today he spoke up for the wider public and made PMQs more relevant to them, by involving them in the process

Jeremy made today a serious policy debate by raising real issues from the real world, which affect real people.

He raised the housing crisis, cuts to welfare and wages, and the need to provide mental health support services with proper funding.

Corbyn faced Cameron in Commons. Credit: PA

Whilst Wednesday morning’s papers ignored the real story from Tuesday - the Conservative Government pushing through a cut of an average of £1,000 to the income of over three million families - Jeremy Corbyn didn’t let David Cameron off so easily.

He transformed Prime Minister’s Questions into something better, more democratic and more relevant.

Jeremy Corbyn showed, yet again, that for him ‘a new kind of politics’ is not a slogan - it’s a way of doing things.

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