England's Rugby World Cup heroes remember 2003 glory

The 2003 team celebrates Credit: PA

As the eighth Rugby World Cup arrives in Britain, some of the country's most celebrated rugby heroes have reminisced about the moment which secured England's place in rugby history.

Jonny Wilkinson's last-minute drop goal sealed world's first - and to date, only - northern hemisphere victory in the history of the tournament.

New Zealand, Australia and South Africa have all won the contest twice each since the contest began in 1987, while England have won it once.

Mike Tindall, who had left the pitch not long before the final whistle in 2003, told ITV News he remembered watching as the ball headed for Jonny's 'wrong foot' - his right - but somehow knew the star kicker was going to score.

He said after the shouting and celebrating was over, there was actually a more sombre mood in the changing rooms, as it sank in the many members of the squad were due to retire from international competition, meaning they would never play together again.

Laurence Dallaglio echoed his sentiments, saying some teammates broke down in tears afterwards as they realised some of their comrades would never wear an England shirt again.

But, he recalled, he will never forget the smile he had on his face when he realised Jonny's kick was headed firmly between the posts.

Jason Robinson was also on the squad, helping push England further into the lead before the half-time whistle with a try which put the visitors at 14-5.

He told ITV News he would be watching the new team in envy as he remembered his own, fondly-remembered time on the pitch.

As for 2003 icon Jonny Wilkinson himself, he said while he would miss parts of being on the pitch, he didn't mind escaping the pressure and sitting back now, letting the new generation take its shot.

Wilkinson is one of ITV's Rugby World Cup pundits.