Official accidentally reveals document which 'looks at Channel 4 privatisation'

A government official has appeared to reveal a possible plan to privatise broadcaster Channel 4.

A memo with the heading 'Assessment of Channel 4 Corporation Reform Options' - apparently in the hands of a Downing Street official - was posted to Twitter by freelance photographer Steve Black.

The "official - sensitive: commercial" document is dated September 24 2015, and notes there has been a recent meeting between Cabinet Office minister Matthew Hancock and two unnamed secretaries of state.

The phrases "extracting greater public value" and "focusing on privatisation options in particular" are visible.

In response to the photo, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport said:

Channel 4 spokesman said: "Channel 4's not-for-profit model enables it to deliver significant public value to viewers and the UK economy with a unique remit focussed on innovation, diversity and new talent."

In August, Culture Secretary John Whittingdale told the Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival that the sale of Channel 4 was not currently being discussed.

But the Tory frontbencher did not rule out future privatisation of the broadcaster.