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Man claims Coronation Street Live proposal was a prank on his brother

The sign of the board at The Rovers Return. Credit: ITV/Coronation Street

A marriage proposal broadcast to millions of viewers during Wednesday night's live Coronation Street episode was fake, it has been claimed.

A social media competition to get a message on a chalkboard at The Rovers Return was won by Twitter user @literallyadam and "Katie Lowe will you marry me?" was posted on it for the show.

The same account later revealed she said "yes", but a Twitter user has now claimed he faked the proposal as a prank on his brother.

A user with the account name @BradTheLadLong tweeted a lengthy explanation of the incident with the message: "Truth behind my 'wedding proposal' on Corrie. Sorry Marc and Katie. Pranks go wrong...but we move on."

In it he wrote that he got the idea to prank his brother Marc by entering the competition using the @literallyadam account, which he said he uses for TV competitions and has now been deleted.

"As I was playing with my kitten, Katie screamed and started to get really hysterical," he wrote.

"I didn't even know it happened until she explained what she saw.

"She looked at my brother and was just crying and my brother just said 'it's a different Katie Lowe'."

The Twitter user said he explained he was behind the prank but Katie broke up with Marc.

However, ITV maintain that the marriage proposal was genuine.

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