Jeremy Corbyn bemused after being handed huge marrow

Jeremy Corbyn looked a tad bemused as he was handed a huge marrow during a visit to Brighton.

The giant vegetable was gifted to him as he toured a business centre before his first party conference as Labour leader.

Green-fingered Corbyn is known to grow vegetables in his own allotment in London. Credit: PA
After an awkward pose, Corbyn quickly saw the funny side. Credit: PA

Images of Corbyn holding the marrow led to comparisons with former Labour leadership hopeful David Miliband, who was widely mocked after being photographed with a banana at the party conference in 2008.

David Miliband was widely mocked when he was pictured holding a banana. Credit: Reuters

Green-fingered Corbyn is a vegetarian and may well have appreciated the size of the specimen as he grows his own produce on his allotment in north London.

But he left the Brighton visit empty-handed as the marrow found its way into the hands of Observer journalist Daniel Boffey, who joked it would be "eBay gold".