Labour is set to overhaul its policy-making process, in a review expected to be unveiled at the party's annual conference in Brighton.

The new system would aim to give greater power to party members and registered supporters and could see an end to the National Policy Forum.

The announcement is expected to be made by Angela Eagle, the current chair of Labour's Policy Forum, and would be the first official step to a way of opening up politics, the party said.

Addressing the Labour Women's Conference on Saturday, party leader Jeremy Corbyn said: "We've got a fantastic opportunity now here in 2015 to shape our party, shape our community, and move on to fantastic victories in the future.

"To liberate the poorest from the misery and poverty in which they live and to be a force for good for peace, human rights and justice around the world."

Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson arrive at the conference hotel in Brighton. Credit: PA

Key issues expected to arise at the conference include the renewal of trident, military action in Syria, and the upcoming referendum on EU membership.

Scotland's Labour leader Kezia Dugdale will address the conference later today to tell the party the days of Scottish Labour "listening but not acting" are over.